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  Client Testimonials

Comments about MS11.net posted on our forums and sent by email

"MS11 is by far the best web hosting service I've come across. I've used them for over a year now for several websites. What I like best about this service is that there are no banner or pop up ads, you don't have to log in every 30 days or lose your space, and they give you excellent service, sometimes responding to a question or problem within minutes. I use the PayPal payment method and can start working on a new site immediately. I highly recommend this service" - Anonymous 3-21-2004

"I want to thank you for your hard work, & your professionalism, speed, & courtesy. You're doing an excellent job. I've checked my site every day, & am impressed. I also love the Advanced Control Panel. Thank you." - Brent

"I mostly access the ms11 ftp server using wsftp and it is working out great for me, very fast and never down. Thanks for providing such a valuable service!" - Dwight

"The upload speed by ftp is by far the fastest that I have ever seen. Very nice." - Raimund

"This is a very reliable host with very fast servers. There is an $11 one time activation fee, but it is definitely worth it, because this site is 10 x better than all those other free hosts that don't require activation fees. In addition, the site has great support...the support is very prompt and incredibly friendly, as well as very personal. Perfect for anyone who is sick of those big Geocities type webhosts that offer hosting by the bulk and are ridden with bad technical support. I recommend this host to anyone who wants a good website, with NO ADS, very fast speed, and good support!" - Anonymous 5-20-2003

"Thanks for all your help! I have 3 ms11.net accounts because you guys are so great!" - Cindy

"I can not praise ms11.net enough for the service I've received as editor of USADEEPSOUTH.COM. I've dealt with several hosts, and you are by far the best. I look forward to continued hosting here." - Beth

"I have used ms11.net for 8 months and have been pleased with their service and the ease with which I'm able to use their site building tools. I highly recommend ms11.net to webmasters (like me) who are computer novices." - Beth

"You're doing a WONDERFUL job! I've used a number of free webhosts in the past and can do some comparative analysis: Mastersites is by FAR the very best free webhost I have ever used. I'm grateful for your conscientious updates, your attention to detail, and the way you extend genuine caring and support to your free users. No other freehost I know of offers such professional treatment, and I wouldn't switch for the world. In fact, once the content of my site is completed, I may just be upgrading to your pay service." - Mare

"Again - Thank you for your Top Rate Service. Your advice has been taken - my Problem has been solved. !! Your warning about Spamming my URL has been duly noted - there is NO way I would intentionally compromise my site - I value your Hosting and Service too much for that." - Ernie

"Great service, and up time well done." - Richard

"I just wanted you to know that your service is one of the best I've seen on the entire internet. That's why I chose you to host my site. I plan on staying here for a long time. Thank you so much for your excellent service and support!" - Mike

"I love my mastersites account... The hosting is great and very quick! I am overall impressed." - Mike

"Thank you very much for the excellent free service. I know many professionals who may be interested in your pay service. I will promote you services as much as possible." - F.L.

"Just thanks for a great free service!" - Tim

"I have only been with Master Sites for a couple of weeks now, but am thoroughly impressed. Technical support has been incredibly prompt and helpful. I also find the file manager to be both useful and well designed, and the server speed is everything I could hope for. I have used other sites which offer similar services in the past, and have found none as impressive as Master Sites. Please keep up the good work!" - Kristen

"Your free service is great, keep up the good work" - Tim

"I really enjoy Master Sites! I once used Geocities which had pop up adds everywhere and slow loading and poor customer service. But Master Sites has no negatives like that! I'm proud to be part of Master Sites." - Alex

"You provide a good service." - Russ

"I would like to congratulate you on your great web hosting! and I am in the process of moving to your server from another one which has just put adverts on! Thanks again for the great hosting!" - Lowdy

"Thank you for the fantastic service! You are simply the best on the market." - Caesar

"I've signed up for the most basic package that ms11.net provides and it's better than all the promises of all the dozens and dozens of supposedly free sites I've ever used. I was a little concerned with using the browser based uploading, but it was more reliable and faster than many of the ftp servers that other companies offer." - Mimric

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  "The upload speed by ftp is by far
  the fastest that I have ever seen."
  - Raimund

  I've dealt with several hosts, and
  you are by far the best. I look
  forward to continued hosting here.
  - Beth

  "Your free service is great, keep
  up the good work"
  - Tim
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